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By Chloe & Jeff (2017)

For: 2 to 5 players

Ages: 6 to 106

Duration: 10-30 minutes


Match a puppy with its correct collar and place it in your yard, but it’s not that simple.  A player may try to lure one of your puppies into their yard using a bone.  Sometimes one of your puppies will get lost chasing a nut-hoarder when another player yells, “Squirrel!”  Still other times a neighbor may drop an Oopsy Poopsy card in your yard and yell, "Oopsy Poopsy!" causing you to spend your next turn scooping the poop.  Each time it's your turn, decisions must be made: increase your puppies or sabotage the leader.  Beware that a sabotage can backfire!  You'll need strategy, patience, and most of all, the desire to laugh!  Sound impossible?  Well, if you play your cards right, you just might be the first to have five puppies in your yard and win the game!

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