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About Us


Oopsy Poopsy! is family run: Daddy is a retired Air Force veteran and teaches GED classes, Mommy is a homeschooling extraordinaire, and Chloe is the CEO, but still finds time to laugh, learn, and make lots of messes!  Keeping God first is paramount for our relationship and this business.  We feel our customers are an extension of our family and eagerly welcome new family members.  "Oopsy Poopsy!" was the brainchild of Chloe when she was five, and we are very excited to share her imagination with you.  This "Oopsy Poopsy!" website, the Facebook page, YouTube channel, Instagram, etc. are all enthusiastic responses to family and friends who said they absolutely had to have this game!  If not for them, Oopsy Poopsy! would still be an over-used, hand-drawn, deck of cards!  

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