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Puppy Card: Placed in your yard (one at a time) and ONLY with its matching collar card under it.

  • There are 3 different Regular Puppy cards:

    • Orange puppies with a diamond shape at the top

    • Green puppies with a clover shape at the top

    • Purple puppies with a triangle shape at the top

  • There are 2 different Special Puppy cards for each color puppy:

    • “Too Cool to Chase”

      • These puppies wear dark shades and black leather jackets.  They will never become lost because they are too cool to chase squirrels.

    • “In a “MEATing” Right Now”

      • These puppies have a T-bone steak in their mouth.  They can never be lured with a bone because they have a steak and are not interested in bones.

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